The company

Red Fox Catering was started in late 2016 as a small catering company specializing in high volume from-scratch cooking and on-site foodservice for recreational summer camps. Based in the heart of Ontario’s cottage country, we service camps in the Muskoka and surrounding regions.


We aim to offer menus that achieve the right balance between nourishment for active, outdoor lifestyles and delight for that home-away experience. We offer a variety of contemporary meals that include nutrient-dense produce, house-made specialty breads, alternative grains/legumes, crowd-pleasing desserts and nutritious bedtime snacks. We advocate healthy-eating education & exposure as a part of the children’s camp ethos and believe it can be demonstrated in the meals offered at camp.

Above all else, our mission is to make the food the highlight of the camper’s experience.

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The faces behind Red Fox

Owned and operated by a husband and wife team - Matthew Laurence and Colleen Fraser - a skilled head chef and Cordon Bleu-trained pastry chef respectively. We began our careers by washing dishes and cooking in the very same camps and businesses we now cater to. Our professional training and experience however was established during our years participating in Ottawa's vibrant downtown food scene.

We are proud & passionate about our craft and we believe that cooking can be rewarding and creative in any setting despite the volume, the budget or the equipment. We love to create, learn and evolve within the industry and we reciprocate this with our staff. Recipes are forever being tweaked, test kitchens operate regularly and consumption of food media, culture & literature are non-stop.

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